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“Mind Your Words” is a game designed to make you and your friends spend endless hours of fun. Divide into two teams and start playing. Try to describe your group the word on the card, but “mind your words” because the opponents are watching you since you are not allowed to use the forbidden words.


We've got a lot of amaing and cool features.

Two Languages

There is a Greek and an English version of the game.

Variety of cards

The game has 2500 words in 4 difficulty levels for both Greek and English version.

Submit your own card

Every player can be part of the creative team of "Mind your Words" by sending us his own card.

Customize the game

The player can customize almost everything in the the game through the settings screen.

Universal App

The game is available to both iOS and Android devices (Phones and Tablets).

Help & Support

We are ready to help you with any problem you face with the game.

Why Choose Us

We've got a lot of amazing and cool features.

Tabbo & Pantomime

In the game you will find cards for both taboo and pantomime. Just select a category or a mix and have fun with your friends.

Different Difficulty levels

The cards split in four colors each one for every difficulty level.

Beautiful Design

The game was designed for all the different device dimentions and resolutions.

Card Thief Mode

Enable the card thief mode and the thief will steal a card from you when you everytime you make two mistakes.

Pause game

You can pause the game during playing just to discuss the answer of a card and then just resume.


Share the final score of the game with your friends in social media.


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Watch video

A short video presenting some of the amazing features of the game

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